Recurring Invoices

Create recurring invoice

When you add/edit an invoice you have an option to set this invoice to be recurring.

That means that the invoice will be re-created automatically based on your setup for recurring invoices (every X months). You can set recurring starting from 1 month to 12 months or select custom to fit your needs.

How are the recurring days calculated?

The date when the invoice needs to be re-created(renewed) is calculated from the invoice date.

The dates in the examples are shown in Y-m-d format.

Example 1:

  • The invoice date is XXXX-08-17
  • Recurring is every 1 month
  • The invoice will be re-created (renewed) on XXXX-09-17

Example 2:

  • The invoice date is XXXX-03-01
  • Recurring is every month
  • The invoice will be re-created (renewed) on XXXX-04-01

When the invoices from this invoice are generated you will have an overview of which invoices are generated from this invoice at the Child Invoices tab.

Stop a Recurring Invoice

To stop recurring invoices, you will need to go to the invoice edit area and set the Recurring Invoice drop-down field to NO.


  • Recurring Draft invoices won’t be re-created.
  • Recurring invoices with the status Cancelled (canceled invoices) will be still re-created when the date for the next recurring invoice comes. In case you don’t want the invoice to be re-created from the canceled invoice you must edit the invoice and set Recurring to No.

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